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Well, ain't it charming! This journal is a spoof way of honoring lj_serialadder. Now one more journal is around - spoofing honoring ME!

Here it is: ljj_serialadder. (I swear, I didn't create it!)

However, I'm soon becoming the Ultimate serialadder. I'm getting nearly as cool as lj_serialadder. Why is that? Because I'm the most emo serialadder on the net! It makes me cry when you want to be removed, my little lovelies.


The score thus far is as follows:

People who wanted to be removed: 15
People who can feel the vibrations of my love: 501
People who send vibrations of their love to me: 372!

I love all 501 of you, but eSPECially the 372 smart and beautiful users who acknowledge my superiority as a serialadder.
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Goal reached. I'm here to stay! Thanks for the love!

This calls for a celebration.

You don't have to stop feeding me comments, though.
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If you really miss me (and the days when lj_serialadder would still serial add), I need at least 250 (preferably nice) comments to this post. I will then consider returning... Permanently.

Thank you.
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